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Announcement of Organizational Change
April 3, 2017

Bayview Asset Management Co., Ltd., (BVAM) implemented the following organizational change as of April 3, 2017, as part of an enlargement of BVAM's own assets management.
BVAM changed the name of the Entrusted Investment Management Department to the Global Asset Management Department, which is in charge of managing multi-asset investment management, entrusted fund investment management, and investment management based on the discretionary investment contracts. In the Entrusted Investment Management Department, BVAM has been engaged in the bond and multi-asset investment management using the quantitative model approach, bond investment management by the top-down approach, and BVAM's own asset management other than Japanese equities. On this occasion of the increase in operating the asset under management, however, BVAM is determined to conduct various investment strategies on an ongoing basis on domestic and foreign assets and from the high motivation of the name change to the Global Asset Management Department. As the demands of investors are diversified, BVAM makes efforts to improve BVAM's investment management performance and to develop new products as an open and visible independent asset management company.


Organization Chart

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