About Bayview Asset Management



1978 Sanford Robertson founded Robertson Stephens & Company (hereinafter referred to as “RS&Co”) , an investment bank specialized in growing start-up companies. It was the beginning of a boutique type of financial company.
1986 Randy Hecht established RS Investments(hereinafter referred to as “RSIM”)as the investment management arm of RS&Co, boutique-house asset management firm specialized in investing innovation.
1990 Ken Yagi, current President and CEO, met Sandy Robertson when he worked for Nomura Securities. He was determined to establish a boutique-style financial company.


January 1998 Ken Yagi established RS Asset Management as a 100% subsidiary of Robertson Stephens&Company
February 1998 Registered as an Investment Advisory Company at Kanto Local Finance Bureau, started providing active investment management services of U.S. equity
July 1999 Formed the exclusive business alliance in Japan with Crosslink Capital, Inc. (founded in 1989 as a venture capital arm of RSIM) , a venture capital firm, based in San Francisco
December 1999 Licensed as a Discretionary Investment Management Company by the Financial Reconstruction Committee, and entered into the pension fund management business
December 2000 Formed the exclusive business alliance in Japan with Horsley Bridge Partners LLC, a private equity firm, based in San Francisco


April 2002 Acquired the majority equity ownership (90%) of the company from RS Investments through management buyout and build long term and stable business foundation. At the same time, the company formed exclusive alliance with RSIM on its distribution in Japan
June 2002 Licensed as an Investment Trust Management Company by the Prime Minister of Japan
July 2002 Started investing Japanese equity by ourselves and launched a Japanese equity hedge fund
June 2003 Appointed to serve on the Board of Directors of Japan Investment Advisers Association (until 2010, reappointed in 2012, 2015, 2019,2020 and 2021)
January 2007 Changed its company name from RS Asset Management Japan Co., Ltd. to Bayview Asset Management Co., Ltd.
January 2007 The 10th anniversary
April 2008 Formed the Board of Executive Officers, that acts as decision-making committee for business execution


April 2011 Recruited new graduates from university for the first time since its establishment
March 2013 Obtained the SOC (Service Organization Control) Reporting on our internal control over discretionary investment management business from an external independent auditor.
July 2013 Launched its first public investment trust for retail investors
December 2013 Started managing a proprietary multi-asset strategy based on quantitative modeling approach. Launched AAA series fund (Active Asset Allocation Fund).
August 2014 Bayview Asset Management formed exclusive alliance in Japan with venture capital, ZenShin Capital Management LLC (current GoAhead Ventures LLC), based in San Francisco


July 2016 Bayview Asset Management formed exclusive alliance in Japan with multi-boutique asset management firm, Victory Capital Management Inc., based in Cleveland. Identified its management strategy as an independent multi-boutique asset management firm in Japan
March 2017 Number of employees exceeded 50 and AUM exceeded 300 billion yen
January 2018 The 20th anniversary
August 2019 Information Security Management System (ISMS) Certification (ISO/IEC 27001:2013 (JIS Q 27001:2014)) obtained from an ISO certification body
1979 (World)
The second oil crisis
1985 (World)
Plaza Accord
1991 (Japan)
Collapse of the bubble economy
1997 (World)
Asian currency crisis
1997 (Japan)
Yamaichi Securities bankruptcy
1998 (Russia)
Russian financial crisis
1999 (EU)
Debut of European Single Currency, Euro
1999 (Japan)
Introduction of Zero interest rate policy
2000 (US)
IT bubble burst
2006 (Japan)
Livedoor Shock
2007 (World)
Global Financial crisis
2008 (US)
Lehman Shock
2011 (Japan)
Great East Japan earthquake
2012 (Japan)
Implementation of Abenomics
by the Second Abe cabinet
2014 (US)
End of Quantitative Easing Stimulus program by US Federal Reserve Board
2016 (Japan)
Introduction of negative interest rate policy by BOJ
2016 (UK)

It all started in the San Francisco Bay Area

A new tide in Japanese asset management from Hanzomon inTokyo

Became independent via MBO

Started new graduate recruitment in 2011
Launched its first public investment trust for retail investors, and multi-asset fund to enhance proprietary product range

Formed the exclusive business alliance with Victory Capital Management Inc. in 2016
Bayview Asset Management is determined to take the initiative as a full-fledged multi-boutique asset management