About Bayview Asset Management

Corporate Philosophy

As a pioneer and pioneer of boutique asset management in Japan, Bayview Asset Management (BVAM) has a corporate philosophy that rests on three guiding precepts.

(picture)Corporate Philosophy


Accumulating experience and a deep understanding of investments by specializing in active investments mainly in equity, bond, and multi-asset product, including alternative investment management services and private equity investments.

Quality Services

BVAM has achieved superior performance by effectively controlling the size of its managed assets. In addition, we guarantee high quality investor service, through regular and detailed investment reporting, providing clarity and transparency.


BVAM's three partnerships are as follows:

  1. Investment Partners : BVAM's client-oriented approach is to concentrate on the quality of our management services. We, including investment professionals at BVAM and its affiliated companies in the U.S., invest our own personal assets in our products, taking a common stake and benefit with our clients .
  2. Business Partners : BVAM has exclusive agreements with top class boutique investment firms in the U.S. that match our corporate philosophy of pursuing excellence in investment services based on long term relationships and trust.
  3. Equity Partners : BVAM's best & brightest professionals are partners in running the asset management business through our ownership of shares in the company equity. This demonstrates our long-term commitment to our business, and works to further improve the quality of our services.