Our people

Work Style

Bayview Asset Management (BVAM) is located in the Ichibancho area in the Tokyo ward of Chiyoda-ku, which is a historic district with many parks and the Imperial Palace, combining government, business, and residential districts. It lies close to Chidorigafuchi, known as a great spot to enjoy cherry blossoms, and had been lined with estates of Hatamoto (Samurai in the service of Tokugawa shogunate) during the Edo period. The office of BVAM has a view of the British Embassy and Imperial Palace nearby and within a respectful distance from Tokyo's business and financial districts. It has a harmonious work environment that bring the four seasons of Japan feel close at hand and it is our pride to be independent geographically from major financial institutions as an independent asset management company.

Our office, which can be easily identified by the BVAM flag with its corporate logo, is composed of six floors, designed with a wood motif, and offers a spacious, sunny, and relaxing working atmosphere which evokes ‘Bay View’ as the company name. It is a functional yet sophisticated space that reflects the identity of a boutique asset management house, which prides itself on quality.

In this office, employees that have varying educational, corporate, and financial backgrounds leverage their abilities and work efficiently in a highly competitive team. Our professional staff is nearly evenly split in gender, and its workforce presents a well-balanced composition of people in their 20's and early 40's with both energy and experience.

The firm confers a full range of benefits such as our unique employee shareholding program and memberships of The Foreign Transportation and Finance Health Insurance Association as well as Tokyu Harvest Club. We also actively hold company events such as off-site meetings, kick-off party in the first half and second half of fiscal year, welcome party for our U.S. partners, firm-wide get-togethers and softball competitions for tighter relations among employees.

In particular, one of the pillars of BVAM's unity is the employee shareholding program (Profit Sharing). Any officer or employee who has worked at BVAM for over a year is privileged to participate in the holding company with the approval of the Board of Executive Officers. The Profit Sharing Program provides the employees with the basis for their self-esteem and responsibility for "working in his or her own company“ as well as the ability to cater first-rate asset management services to clients.

We have brought together and built over time a work environment which is indispensable for our performing as a "Bayview Professional". The employee mindset at BVAM is "dedication and focus on the company's objectives and goals of the company".