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Message from President & CEO

We are writing a new chapter on asset management in Japan, Bayview Asset Management as an independent boutique hand in hand with investors.

In Japan, where the economy has already matured apart from the growth phase, the movement is fully in progress eventually from fundraising to asset management as well as from savings to investments. As a result, the existence of asset management companies became a significant part of the financial field. The development of asset management in Japan, nevertheless, is still behind those of the U.S and Europe. Particularly, the differences in the cultivation of human resources and product development are noticeable. This background is attributable to the history that fundraising was the most important after World War Ⅱ, and banks and securities companies expensed rapid growth. The asset management industry, however, was lagging behind other financial fields.


At the dawn of the asset management industry in Japan, there is an increasing awareness that it has the highest growth potential in the financial sector. Under such circumstances, fiduciary duty began to gain prominent attention in the field of asset management in Japan. From the standpoints of client-oriented (investor-oriented) attitude, it is advocated seriously to separate asset management and distribution completely. In other words, the focus and awareness are increased in the independence of asset management companies responsible for asset management from the affiliate or parent companies in charge of sales. In Japan, asset management companies of department-store-type, which are owned by major financial institutions versus independent asset management companies without any affiliate or parent company is extremely low compared to those of Europe and the U.S.

<Market Share of Independent Asset Management Companies in Japan and US>

  • Source: The Investment Trusts Association (as of Mar 2016), US-Towers Watson (As of Dec 2014)
    * Private companies only

We, Bayview Asset Management, have maintained our philosophy to provide services to our clients at the highest level, since the foundation in January 1998. In the process, we added a new wrinkle to such circumstances of the asset management in Japan, by creating a new tide flowing to become a select-few independent asset management company, which is called a "boutique-type" asset management company. We are pleased to say that we grew steadily to be one of the largest independent asset management companies in Japan by mainly investing in equity, bond, and multi-asset product, thanks to the widespread support from the expanded client segment of individual investors and institutional investors, including pension assets.

Based on our long-term management visions, we started hiring new graduates in 2011, taking a big step toward fostering new employees. We are expanding the number of employees with well-diversified composition, and about 40% of our employees are under 34 and about 50% of them are women at the moment. We have continuously acquired a certificate report by an external auditor on the internal control of operations and investment discretion since 2012. Thus, we have enforced our compliance systems to construct a stable and efficient operating platform.

From now on, we are determined to be Japan's first full-fledged multi-boutique asset management company by providing the product lineups that come from the brilliant asset management boutiques in the United States, in addition to our own product lineups. By communicating our clients closely and individually, we are ready to step up our exerted efforts to be an asset management company providing veritable and transparent high-quality services on a continuing basis.

We believe that Bayview Asset Management will lead the way to the new era of Japan's asset management as an independent boutique-type asset management company.


January 2018
Ken Yagi
President and Chief Executive Officer
Bayview Asset Management Co., Ltd.