About Bayview Asset Management

About us

Bayview Asset Management (BVAM) is one of 90 financial instruments firms that are registered to conduct both the investment trust and discretionary investment management businesses, and a leader of independent multi-boutique asset management firm built on secure business foundations.

Japan’s leading independent asset management firm

  • As a leader of the employee-owned and non-publicly-traded independent asset management firms, BVAM has established long-term stable business foundations as a cornerstone for an asset management company with equity capital of 4.6 billion yen.
  • We firmly maintain the current private capital structure in order to focus solely on investors’ interest, under our completely independent management free from controls of the affiliates or parent companies (including sales companies) such as security companies, banks or foreign companies, by securing independence in management and equity holding.
  • We have obtained the SOC (Service Organization Control) Reporting* on our internal control over discretionary investment management business from an external independent auditor.
  • *The report certifies that fiduciary business policy related to discretionary investment contract and procedures (trustee company's system) are properly described and framework of the internal control is properly structured to achieve the purpose of the control, and has been conducted in accordance with “Auditing and Assurance Practice Committee Practical Guideline No.86” published by the Japanese Institute of Certified Public Accountants until 2018 and, subsequently, “Assurance Engagements Practical Guideline 3402” by the said Institute thereafter.

〈Shareholder’s equity〉

Graph: Transition of corporate capital

Japan’s first full-fledged multi-boutique asset management firm

  • BVAM provides unique product lineups from prominent U.S. boutiques to our own products on the business platform coupled with high-quality client services. BVAM, as a pioneer multi-boutique asset management firm, offers customized services that meet the diverse needs of investors, including public funds, privately placed investment trusts, and separate accounts solutions.
  • BVAM manages its own Japanese equities, Japanese bonds, and multi-asset products. Several independent U.S. boutiques as BVAM’s affiliated partners manage foreign equities and bonds represented by U.S. equities and bonds. We seek excess returns (alpha) and absolute returns. We limit the capacity of each strategy and focus on quality growth rather than volume growth.
  • The separation of corporate management and investment management allows fund managers to concentrate on the markets and their portfolios. Our policy is Fund manager-centric investment “visible asset management”. BVAM discloses the details of our asset-management philosophies and strategies, as well as our fund managers of all of our products, which leads to enhanced credibility by investors and contributes to the establishment of reliable asset management structures.

〈Multi-boutique business〉


A broad base of clients from institutional investors to individual investors

  • Since its establishment, BVAM has earned a solid reputation among investors including financial institutions, which is the largest investors of our asset under management- JPY 494.6 billion-, pension funds and family offices for our sophisticated service. We have accomplished it through our scrupulous efforts and capability to meet clients' expectations by performing rigorous due diligence, conducting multifaceted reference verification, structuring complex investment schemes, and fulfilling disclosure requirements.
  • In the future, we maximize our strength as an independent asset management firm to promote innovation in the asset management industry and try to directly access to the individual assets of 2,000 trillion yen by selling our products without a distributor.

〈Investor Categorization〉
JPY 494.6 billion

  • * Mutual Funds (Investment Trusts) includes the assets managed by BVAM's investment partners.
    * As of September 30, 2021


  • We have been recruiting new graduate since 2011 to foster new talents.
  • In order to maintain the asset management business for long-term and to grow for next decade, we are expanding the number of employees with well-diversified composition. 30% of our employees are under 34 years old and 45% of them are women.

〈Number of employees〉


※The data for FY2021 is as of October 1, 2021

Unless otherwise specified, the information shown above are as of the end of each fiscal year.