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Announcement of the launch of Cash Management Fund
October 7, 2016

On October 7, 2016, Bayview Asset Management Co., Ltd. launched Cash Management Fund, the private placement fund investing in the Japanese short-term government bonds, call loans, and others, as well as trading bond futures, stock price index futures and others in the U.S. and European markets.

The new fund aims to achieve stable returns with low-risk by investing mainly in Japanese government bonds to mature within one year and call loans and trading bond futures and stock price index futures with restriction on exposure; the exposure of bond futures shall be 30% or less, while that of stock price index futures be 10% or less, to the total net asset value of the fund. The investment in bond futures and stock price index futures is made, using our proprietary quants model which has already been used in our existing funds such as Active Asset Allocation Fund US and Active Asset Allocation Fund EU and has produced excellent performances.

We believe that the new fund, which reduces credit risks, liquidity risks and currency fluctuation risks through the use of future trades and saves costs, will be the optimal investment product, for example, as an alternative to the current deposit of financial institutions at Bank of Japan. The fund is an open-ended equity fund that investors will be able to purchase or redeem on a daily basis.

We are determined to develop and provide the financial products that satisfy investors’ demands on a continuing basis.

For inquiries, please contact the Investment Management Planning Department at 813-5210-3341.