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Announcement of the launch of “Long-term U.S. Government Bond Ladder Fund, February 2016”
February 23, 2016

On February 23, 2016, Bayview Asset Management Co., Ltd., (BVAM) launched Long-term U.S. Government Bond Ladder Fund February 2016, a privately placed investment trust fund that invests mainly in U.S. government bonds with reduced risk of currency fluctuations (dollar/yen).

The new fund aims to achieve a stable return by deploying a laddered portfolio (in which almost the same amount of money is invested in securities with different maturity dates) with investments in U.S. government bonds where the maturity is approximately seven to ten years (fully hedged against currency fluctuations in principle).

We believe that the new fund, with its reduced cost and BVAM’s unique portfolio management, is the optimal investment product for investors seeking to mitigate currency fluctuation risks with the aim to secure steady income gains. BVAM plans to continuously launch products similar to this fund in the months to come.

BVAM will strive to continue to provide investment products that meet investors’ expectations.

For inquiries, please contact the Investment Management Planning Department at 813-5210-3341.